Top agents answer top questions about buying a home

Top agents answer top questions about buying a home post thumbnail image

Ways to get my offer accepted and get a good deal?

The first thing will be to decide what will make this a good deal for you. Is it the seller encouraging with closing costs? A lower contract price? A flexible nearby date? We can help you figure all that out in a way the exact makes sense.

Then, we’ll contact the listing agent to see what are the Seller is looking for. After researching the home and its history, we would come up with an offer plan together, then go fight for what you long for. So you can get the home you want at the deal that works best for you.

Can one back out of an offer if I find problems with the home?

Certainly, you can. Buyers can back out of an offer and get their whole earnest deposit refunded — so long as the listing agent becomes the Notice of Cancellation within the “due diligence phase. ”

And we get it. You may see a place and right away fall in love. But sometimes, even the nicest-looking homes can have something you can’t easily see. That’s why it’s necessary to have it inspected by a qualified professional before making an offer. It has best to have it done in the first 10 days after you may have accepted the contract, so you and your agent have period to review the inspection report.

  • What are the steps to keller williams roseville?
  • Get a preapproval letter from a lender
  • And do it when you begin looking at homes. You’ll know what you can realistically afford in addition to being you find the home you want, it’ll help you to get it quicker.
  • Draw up a list of what’s important to you.
  • Is it the size of the home? Site? A giant backyard? Once you figure it out, then start looking.

Start out an offer.

Find your next home? Use the Opendoor app in making an offer on it. The buyer’s agent will submit an agreement for the seller to consider. There may be a little back and forth as you comforted with the seller, but that’s normal.
Order an inspection.

Whenever you and the seller agree, it’s time to get the home experienced inspected. Then review the inspection report with your representative to make sure everything looks good.
Wrap it up.

Regularly check in with your individual lender and agent to finish up anything they need. As soon as closing day arrives, you’ll sign your name even more times than you can count. But then, you get the important factors to your brand new home.

What should I look for to find a decent lender?

The interest rate isn’t the only thing you should look for finding a lender. Other factors matter, too — like prices, credits, and knowledge of various lending programs. And exceptional customer service is key. So be sure to look for all these before choosing your lender. It’ll help you have a successful, trouble-free transaction. keller williams roseville First Time Home Buyers get access to programs that require no down payment. Are you looking to buy a home but the down payment or closing cost is holding you back from home ownership?

My favorite offer got accepted! Now what?

Here are the 3 things you ought to do right after your offer gets accepted:

  • Contact your lender.
  • Getting the ball rolling on your loan approval.
  • Wire your deposit towards escrow.
  • The escrow officer will reach out to help.
  • Agenda a general home inspection.
  • You should get a termite inspection executed, too.
  • If you find you have questions or need help with one of these, chat with your agent. They’re always happy to help.